You have many choices when it comes to choosing a caterer.   Gringo Jack's promises to serve the guests at your event as we do the guests inour own restaurant.  We promise outstanding, fresh food prepared from scratch. 
We promise competitive pricing and we promise to help make the catering portion of your event the easiest part!


* Rehearsal Dinners    * Corporate Meetings & Events     * Graduations     * Dinner Parties    
* Garden Parties          * Backyard BBQs        * Weddings

If you can dream it, we can do it!

We can bring Gringo Jack's to you - we set up, cook, serve & clean up.  We can drop off or you can pick up. 
Whatever it is you are looking for, consider that Gringo Jack's adds something extra that others don't have - fun!

Let's get started.....

1.  Not Sampling The Food Before The Event

When you go to a new restaurant, you and your friends all know you are in for an adventure.  You also know there is a chance you won't like it. 
You don't want the same experience with a caterer.  The food is a choice you have made for yourself and your friends.  Do you really want to choose a caterer without first sampling the menu. 

2. Failing To Have A Budget And "Goal" In Mind

You should have some vision of the end result in mind when looking for a caterer.  Do you picture a 'black tie' event or would you prefer guests casually enjoying an ethnic, fun experience?
Knowing how much money you want to spend is very important in exploring your different options.  There is nothing more frustrating than having a specific meal in mind without the budget to see it through.  
Match your goal and your budget and your're ready to look for a caterer!

3.  Basing Your Decision Just On Price

You should be sure you are comparing apples to apples.  Is clean-up included?  Is the food cooked fresh or re-heated?  What about portion size?  What is the quality of the serving ware and utensils?  Is dessert and beverage included in the price?  What is the gratuity?  What happens if the caterer runs out of food?  Is the equipment an extra charge?
The list goes on and on.  All caterers are different and you should know what it is you are payng for.  This will help avoid any unpleasant surprises. 

4.  Forgetting To Explore All Possible "Options"

The price of a car can vary greatly depending on the options.  Caterers are no different - options will add to the price of the event.  If you are willing to forego certain items or extras, you might be able to negotiate a lower price.  Make sure you ask about the 'base model' catering if you are on a tight budget.  Most caterers will work with you.  If you have a larger budget, by all means, ask about the extras.

5.  Failing To Find Out What "Service" Is Included

As mentioned earlier, you get what you pay for.  This includes service.  Find out exactly what the caterer does as part of his/her service.  Do they stay to the end and clean up the entire area or just through the meal?  Who is responsible for the trash?  Does the caterer.

6.  Thinking The Caterer Won't Run Out Of Food

Running out of food can be one of the biggest catastrophes for an event!  Make sure your caterer provides you  a written guarantee they won't run out of food for the number of people you agree on.

7.  Not Having A Plan For Extra Guests That May Show Up

Usually, a caterer will require you pay for the exact number of guests you guarantee.  If fewer guests show, you're stuck paying for food you didn't use.  If extra guests join in, you are more than likely going to run out of food.  Some caterers use a "flexible guarantee".  You give a caterer a guaranteed number guests, and the caterer guarantees there will be enough food to feed an extra 10%.  If extra people show, you pay for them.  If they don't, you're not on the line for uneaten meals.  Make sure you insist on this guarantee - most reputable caterers now offer this plan.

8.  Using A Caterer That Doesn't Guarantee Your Experience

Guarantees are part of doing business for most industries.  This proteects you from not getting what you expect.  Look for a caterer that guarantees their product.  An example would be if the caterer runs out of food or doesn't provide the services that you contracted for, you don't pay.  Make sure you go into your event knowing you are covered.  Don't place the risk on your shoulder - the caterer's job is to make you feel confident that the food and beverage poriton of your event will go swimmingly

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