Nestled in the beautiful green mountains, Gringo Jack's is celebrating over 20 years in Manchester, Vermont. 

The building we occupy was designed in the early 1800s. Through the years, it housed some of Vermont's oldest families and then remained empty until Jack Gilbert, a local artist who had been living in New York City, moved back to Manchester and decided this lovely, old building would make a wonderful restaurant.

In remodeling the building, Jack drew on the appreciation for Mexican tradition and culture he had developed while traveling in the Southwest and Mexico. As one of the top restaurants in Southern Vermont - over the years - Gringo Jack's has become a 'must stop' for many traveling through the area.

The cuisine?  Gringo Jack's uses fresh ingredients to create wonderfully bold flavors - ranging from authentic, regional Mexican flavors to those of Tex-Mex and the Southwest - all working together to make Gringo Jack's Manchester's favorite dining spot.

"The food is made to order, with use of the freshest ingredients.  Each meal is a work of art, from the old masters of Spanish cuisine.  Not only are you an asset to the state of Vermont, but also to the Spanish cooking tradition.  You can not be any better than you are."    - M.E. Nelson, Guilderland, NY

"We love the company, the food, the atmosphere and especially the service.  You stand out in a league of your own!!  Great service and authentic Mexican is hard to find of this quality"         
- Club Members Walter & Andrea M

"My husband brought me here as a surprise birthday weekend knowing how much I love southwestern food.  It was spectacular.  The enchiladas mole poblano was just to my liking, heavy-laden with spice and a perfect balance.  The margaritas were superb.  We had a wonderful time & a lovely experience...certain to be back soon.  Thanks for everything."   - S. Karbowski, CT